Olympic Daily News: 15 June 2020

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By Scott Bregman ·

Twenty-six years ago today, Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ debuted in theatres.

The now classic animated musical has featured in the Olympic Games at least once… Take a look back to London 2012 and Great Britain’s Laura Bechtolsheimer and Mistral Hojris as they lift up the crowd with an interpretation of a "Lion King" medley during the Equestrian Dressage Freestyle performance.

Volleyball Olympic champion Kerri Walsh Jennings “fortifying [her] love for the game”

Olympic beach volleyball gold medallist Kerri Walsh Jennings a postponed Olympic Games in Tokyo has only added to her love for the sport she’s been at the forefront since taking gold at Athens 2004.

“It’s pretty cool hitting such, what could be perceived [as] a major road block, and just fortifying my love for the game,” Walsh Jennings told the LA Times.

Walsh won back-to-back-to-back gold medals in beach volleyball with Misty May-Treaner. After May-Treaner retired, Walsh won bronze at Rio 2016 with April Ross.

Now, she’s hoping she’ll strike gold again with a new partner in Brooke Sweat.

“You can want something too much and suffocate it and I think Brooke and I were there,” Walsh Jennings said dealing with the Olympic delay. “So now it’s just this is such a perception switch. There is just so much stuff bigger than this, even though this is huge to us. It’s our careers, it’s our lives, it’s our passion … however, we will now see it with more gratitude, and I believe less stress, which will allow us to play better.”

Walsh Jennings and May-Treanor complete hat-trick at London 2012

Kerri Walsh Jennings and Misty May-Treanor beat fellow Americans Jen Kessy ...

British skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown opens up about sharing crash

Last month, 11-year-old Team GB skateboarder Sky Brown took to her social media channels to share about a scary crash she took in training.

For Brown, sharing her fall allowed her to show her followers ‘falling is part of life.’

"I just thought: on social media, everything is perfect," she told BBC Sport. "I want to spread the message that it's OK to fall sometimes, you are going to fall, Beyonce's going to fall, all your heroes are going to fall.”

Brown, who is targeting competing at next summer’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, had fractures in her skull and broke her left wrist and hand but is expected to recover fully.

Sky Brown shows big heart

11-year-old skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown turned a few heads with a surpr...

India targeting double-digit medal haul in Tokyo 

Indian Olympic Association President Narider Batra says he’s hoping his country can break records next summer at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by winning 10 or more medals.

"Right now we should be competing in 41 medal positions as of today, based on sportspersons who have qualified in various events,” he said according to Inside the Games. "I am confident that we should be touching double-digit, I won't mention the colour."

India’s previous best is its London 2012 medal count, where the country earned two silver and four bronze medals.

Trivia time!

The answer to yesterday’s question is 1900. That’s the first year that women were allowed to compete at the Olympic Games.

And now, for today’s question:

Which two skateboard discplines will be on the Tokyo 2020 programme?

  1. Half-pipe and Street
  2. Artistic and Skills
  3. Big Air and Jumps
  4. Street and Park

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