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Podcast: 'I would love to walk again... [But] if I had the possibility to turn back time I guess I would stay like this,' Paralysed Olympian Thomas Fogdö

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Podcast: Bernice Wilson on being manipulated into doping

Great Britain’s Bernice Wilson was a promising young sprinter, but her career took a turn for the worse when she enlisted the services of ex-UK Athletics coach, Dr. George Skafidas. They began dating and he persuaded Wilson to start doping. She was caught, banned for four years, and vowed to come back clean. With her ban nearing completion, she tested positive again. But this time Skafidas had been doping the Briton without her knowledge. Wilson alerted the authorities. Skafidas received a life-time ban from the sport. Three years on she is now a clean competitor and anti-doping campaigner. She told...